Manual Handling

This course is designed for those employees who in the course of their occupation, are exposed to manual handling tasks.

Course information

Key learnings

The aim of the course is to provide candidates with an appreciation of the basic hazards, risks and legal

requirements associated with manual handling operations.


Through this course, the candidate should achieve a level of awareness to the causes, effects and dangers

involved with manual handling.

The candidate will also be aware of the basic theory in kinetic and team lifting operations.

The candidate will have an awareness of the need for risk assessment and will undertake a risk assessment for a

manual handling operation.

Additional information

At the end of the course, the candidate will be able to demonstrate that they have acquired the knowledge and

basic skills required enabling them to take suitable action when assessing a manual handling operation.

No formal testing will take place, however the trainer will personally make an assessment of the candidate’s

reception and response to the course material and exercises. From this they will decide whether or not the

individual has demonstrated the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and whether or not to award a certificate

for the satisfactory completion of the course.

Course duration

Half Day Course

Course dates

On Demand

Course type

In person

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Safety Scotland Ltd

Approved Training Provider

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Manual Handling