Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher

This course is for you if you have previously passed the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) course, or a subsequent refresher course.

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Key learnings

Key learnings

The SMSTS refresher course content includes:
Legislation, ACOP updates with discussions on impact and practical aspects of compliance.
Overview of proposed/impending legislation.
Accident statistics, costs, causes, management responsibilities/methods in prevention.
HSEs current focus on construction activities.
Safety management systems, policies, plans and performance measuring.
Management of Contractors.
Communication and consultation aspects, effective use of toolbox talks and site inductions
Behavioural science including awareness of human error, stress and prevention

Syndicate exercises:
Prevention of accidents
Motivating safety behaviour
Planning for health and safety in relation to fire safety, working at height, manual handling, and movement of people within the context of a project.



The SMSTS refresher course is a renewal of the nationally recognised Construction Site Managers Safety certificate (valid 5 years) will be awarded to those persons who successfully complete the course including the compulsory final examination (72% pass grade).

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By the end of the SMSTS refresher course of training delegates will be:

Aware of and able to implement all updated health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation which affects them in their role as a manager.
Aware of and able to implement new guidance and industry of best practice.
More aware of their duties and responsibilities with regards to health, safety, welfare and the environment.


Teaching Methods
The SMSTS refresher course has a high proportion of discussions, best practice sharing, syndicate exercises and case studies will be supplemented with video and classroom based tutorials.

Assessment Methods
Delegates will be continuously assessed during the SMSTS refresher course in preparation for the final multiple choice examination.

Entry Requirements

Pre-Requisites: The minimum entry requirement is a good understanding of spoken and written English.

Course duration

Two Day Course

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Course type

In person

Course provider

Safety Scotland Ltd

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Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher