Face Fit Train the Tester

To enable in house testing of individual employees against various half and disposable masks

Course information

Key learnings

  • Introduction to the concept of face fit testing
  • Rationale behind the guidance
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Different types of testing regimes and their applicability
  • Demonstration of qualitative technique
  • Practical testing of all candidates


To enable responsible persons to correctly test and fit various half and disposable masks to others using qualitative testing methods. This ensures a tight fitting facemask matches the person’s facial features and seals adequately to the wearer’s face. Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is designed to help protect workers from dusts, fumes, vapours or gases. It covers the nose and mouth and removes respirable size dust particles, allowing the wearer to carry out tasks safely in areas where there is a build up of dust and vapours.

Additional information

Delegates should bring with them the type of masks they use in their workplace. These can be supplied but will be charged.

Course duration

Half Day Course

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On Demand

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In person

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Evolve Training

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Face Fit Train the Tester